Blue Loft

The middle row was marked, ‘Come sit here you fool’

It was filled with men

Bulky, smiling, looking around

Some proud to be that way

Others feeling uncomfortable

It was filled with random odd men

Proud, as if they were part of an inside joke

Too ashamed to choose another bench

But Jake looked around

The last row was marked ‘Mediocrity welcome’

It was the busiest bench of all

All kinds of people just milling around

Gossiping and cracking jokes

Comfortable, at home, happy

But a cloud of dense, unbelievable slowness and innocuous complacency hung in the air

It felt like poisonous fumes to him

So Jake looked around

The first bench read, ‘Perfection’

It was empty save for an exotic young fellow

Whose seriousness eradicated all doubts

He belonged there

He dared

And it was obvious, he was not perfect but striving for perfection

And not afraid to admit…

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